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He is the king of the jungle of his world. He hides from no one and seeks escape from nothing. So, she did.

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So, she blended. So, the caterpillar retreated to her cocoon to find peace alone.

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One day, they came to find her gone. You see I was meant to be me--better.

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It is part of every sacred journey to reconnect with your inner light, step into your divinity, spread the light of love before you, return to the essence of love, and inspire others to do the same. It is scary to strip ourselves back and tear down the walls of lies, lack and limits we built our adult lives upon. Yet it is only by courageously searching through the dungeons of our elemental darkness that we can find our supreme light.

I'm convinced we're created with an intrinsic capacity to feel it. I've discovered that 'finding' Truth is not purely an intellectual or analytical exercise. It's a feeling, a shiver of knowing.

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For me it's like something tickling the whiskers of my soul, letting me know I just brushed up against it. I could feel my skin flushing against his fingers, "They are going to want to add your light to theirs," he said "And every night ends, and then it's morning, and the sun comes up.

Latin origins center on the energy of pleasing. This is an extremely important aspect of these words because they speak to the partial human ability to love which transforms the practitioner into the embodiment of Divine or perfect love that is whole and complete. It is desire in a higher sense, the embracing of the indivisibility of the self and what is sought, an intense desire for wholeness and unification so strong that its outcome is felt in the very yearning.

Noting in life would happen without desire; without it you would still be in bed from this morning.


In many ways kama is the engine of the universe and the handle turning the wheel of karma. Affirmative prayers consciously weed out thoughts of failure, lack, loss and the toxic energy of dominant negative thought patterns by using the very highest and best language at our command. Affirmative prayer elevates our thinking and speaking. It plants new seeds in the fertile ground of our minds that will grow into a physical world reality. The following list of Affirmative Prayers are offered to support you in moving through a variety of life experiences.

A word of caution; do not make your prayer practice more difficult than it needs to be in order to be effective. While there is no right or wrong way to pray, it is still a very sacred and powerful process. What makes your prayers sacred is your intention. Your position, location or attire can all be considered or not. It is recommended that after selecting the prayer to meet your need that you both read it silently and then aloud three times, which can be done in one day or over the course of three days. Once you have prayed the prayer three times, simply relax and expect a powerful and positive outcome.

Your awareness of and ability to align with your source is just one of the many benefits of a conscious, committed prayer practice. Prayer, as a spiritual discipline is a process and practice of establishing communion with the Divine, the Source, the Creator. Whether you identify that essence as God, Jesus, Higher Mind, Love or by some other title matters not.

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Your commitment to a consistent connection and awareness of the presence of the Divine in your life will result in a greater sense of peace and connection that supports all that you do in every aspect of your life.