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For example, TemplateMonster sells website templates. Instead, they offer other free resources, like free vector graphics. In return, the company gains a qualified lead and gets to show that lead the quality of their design work right off the bat. This initial offer can be just about anything, like an inexpensive product, low-cost tool, downloadable guide, or paid webinar.

The only requirement is that it involves a cost. Plus, the customers who take this offer are willing to pay a bit extra for a quality product. This strategy is popular among publishers, particularly those who offer both print and online subscriptions. If this were a real subscription model, removing the middle option would result in a huge decrease in revenue, even though none of the students chose it.

Intuitive navigation and adequate site maintenance are a must if you want to convert your traffic. Every hurdle, on the other hand, drops a few more potential customers out of the conversion funnel. Now, think about the impact that more serious issues, like a broken shopping cart , can have.

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You know exactly where you need to go and the exact dates you need to depart and return. So if you have loads of qualified traffic entering your site, but they never seem to buy before they leave, you should double check to make sure that your checkout process is working correctly. It might be down, or it might just be too complex for most of your users to spend the time dealing with.

Along the same lines, poor navigation will also gut your conversions. Spend some time on your site in the mindset of your target audience. Click on your homepage and count how many clicks it takes to finish a transaction. Time yourself. How long did it take? Did you ever have time to twiddle your thumbs between pages? Was everything easy to find? Simple issues like this are the worst possible reason to lose sales.

If your site is supposed to be simple, test to make sure that it actually is. If your product requires users to learn how to navigate a new interface, you need to make sure that you provide all of the resources they need to do so effectively. This is particularly important during free trials. That means that the actions they take early on can have a major impact on your business in the future. For example, the following chart shows an acquisition cohort for day retention from event-tracking platform Amplitude.

If you can figure out what that action was for your existing customers, you can work towards making it happen for new ones. Appcues explains this process with the example of a music app.

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If a new app wanted to see which actions were causing users to stick around, they could focus on two small actions: Favoriting three or more songs, and joining one community. They could track these actions and see how many users who did each stuck around after their free trial ended. Then, they could plot their results along a retention curve. Of all of the users, the ones who joined a community were much more likely to stick around. Your onboarding process also has a huge impact on activation and retention rates. First, they ran user test to see which features new users engaged with.

Then, they sent an email survey to churned users to ask about their goals for the poster feature. To address this issue, they launched welcome message with a variety of template options that included several different segments of their target audience. Then, they doubled down on their results by replacing some of the templates that were seeing lower engagement for different options.

This led to even more of an increase. After seeing these results, they used this insight to roll out similar onboarding for other features, including their paid service, Canva for Work. In some cases, addressing the problem — and improving your activation rates — could be as simple as featuring a specific feature more prominently.

Something as simple as linking it to a URL might help reduce bounce rate. Instead, you need to start with existing web traffic.

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But what if your site is the 1 out of that actually increases conversions with the inclusion of an image slider? They may not all hold true for your specific site. If creating a specific piece of content will take a large investment of time and resources, you want to be sure that your users will actually like it. This shows whether the topic is worth investing in so that the client can make an informed decision on whether it is worth the time. Getting users to engage with your opt-in forms is extremely important since these forms are often what convert visitors into leads.

In some cases, all it takes to boost your opt-ins is a simple change, like moving your form above the fold.

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Test for yourself and see which locations on your site result in the most opt-ins, then use this information to make a data-backed decision. Present a clear benefit, and your conversion rates will likely reflect the value your visitors see in taking action. As we mentioned above, your onboarding sequence can have a major impact on how your customers perceive the value of your product. If you want your customers to engage with any part of your business online, you need to show the value of doing so.

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For example, Inbound. Still, it remains there until the user completes those actions. What do I mean? Replicating that success throughout the rest of your site could easily boost your conversion rate. As you look for new ways to improve your product and conversion rates, you can work from established growth hacking frameworks. First, figure out what your customers need help with. Then, generate ideas to address them and score those ideas based on impact and ease.

The method you use could be as simple as a Trello board like this one On your sales pages, for instance, you display products your target audience might like. How can you sweeten the deal?

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Using a standard process for each new campaign you launch or strategy you test will help the process go more smoothly for your team, and make it easier to compare results. For example, if you want to earn more email subscribers like in this CoSchedule example , you can set this as a goal in Google Analytics. Then, when you run other campaigns designed to drive email subscriptions, you can compare them and see which produces better results. You can create process templates to cut down on the planning stage for each of yONour new campaigns.

Then, you can run multiple versions of the template as checklists. This makes for easy collaboration and ensures that everyone gets notifications when a task is completed. An outdated website can turn off users extremely quickly, resulting in a high bounce rate and no conversions. For one thing, you need responsive design. From there, you can dig down into the more granular aspects of website redesign to perfect the user experience. And it works. Removing the clutter from your website modernizes the design and helps your visitors find what they want.

Think about the difference between shopping online and shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. In-person shopping allows consumers to pick up, feel, and turn over the merchandise. However, you can recreate that experience on your websites. Amazon does this extremely well, offering lots of content on every single sales page.

If you sell a physical product, make an explainer video. Pick up and hold the object, interact with it, and explain what it does. You need new and returning visitors to crank up the cycle and send more people through your conversion funnel. Here are a few ways to keep people coming back for more:. Focus on retaining as many visitors as possible so they continue to visit your site and familiarize themselves with your brand.

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On your sales pages, for instance, you display products your target audience might like. Offering a first-time customer a coupon might help. So could an offer to waive shipping costs, or a bonus download. Instead, you need a warm-up offer, such as a checklist or calculator. As I mentioned before, conversion rate optimization, or CRO, starts with data.

Studying data from actual website visits provides the most accurate information. You want to see what people do when they first arrive on your site, then pay attention to how they flow from one page to another. User behavior tools provided by Crazy Egg offer an inexpensive and powerful way to track visitors as they engage with your website.

You can see where they click on CTAs, scroll down the page, or fill in their contact information on a lead capture page. A heatmap , for instance, shows where most of the clicking activity happens.