Everyones Favorite Recipes from Summer Culinary Camp (Kids Cooking Club Book 1)

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Find out how to book here. Find out more on their website here. This family-run cookery school wants to teach students of all ages and levels how to understand food. For children, The Avenue offer bread-making classes, a ready, steady, bake baking class, as well as holiday classes to keep them entertained during the school breaks. Those younger than eight years should be booked in with a parent. Visit their website here. Alice teaches sushi, bento and origami classes for adults and children. Get creative in making your own sushi, as well as enjoying an afternoon of parent and child afternoon tea.

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A native Southern Californian, she started working in restaurants at age From Boulangerie to specialty cake shops and everything in between , she has worked at a wide range of notable establishments and has taught Pastry Arts for the past several years. In her free time, she enjoys growing produce in her garden and baking with her son at home. Her interest in education started early on, when she was the educational coordinator at Cal State Long Beach.

Next she turned her attention to cooking and baking, toughing it out, often as the only woman in male-dominated European kitchens. Over her many years in culinary arts, Chef Colleen has been a bakery owner, consultant, caterer, private chef, and in recent years, culinary arts instructor. She can occasionally be found giving food and wine tours near her second home in Tuscany.

Learn More Paul Calhoun Close Paul Calhoun Chef Instructor Chef Paul started his journey into the food industry a little over 11 years ago washing dishes, biking fancy organic pizzas around the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and cutting up onions in a poorly ventilated basement kitchen.

Culinary School, Reimagined

That bohemian atmosphere and great pizza awoke a lifelong passion for culinary arts in him, and he subsequently attended The French Culinary Institute of New York before pursuing a career in fine dining. He has held a wide range of specialized and demanding positions in the time since, and developed an eclectic style that incorporates elements of many different cuisines and approaches to food. When he's not in the kitchen he's usually doing some drawing and painting, or reading a good book.

Learn More Joe Ardent Close Joe Ardent Writer After 30 years entrenched in the newspaper industry, this Orange County native decided to throw down his press pass and keyboard and grab a chef coat. Then in , he set out to pursue a dream job in the food industry. Joe is a recent student at CulinaryLab and now works as a cook.

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In his free time, he likes to spend time with his daughter, Sophia, a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton; and son Jack, who is in high school.. Join the team! Click here. At the dance studio, she would always make dessert for everyone, with chocolate being her favorite. Wanting to perfect her craft, she attended and completed all of our pastry programs. Her dream is to one day own a snazzy dessert bar. In her rare spare time, she likes to go wine tasting with her girlfriend.

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Upon graduation, she dove head first into the advertising world, serving on the account management side at a handful of ad agencies where she managed accounts ranging from Budweiser, ConAgra Foods, and Tobacco Free CA. From there, she switched over to in-house marketing and worked at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach for nearly a decade where she oversaw the institution's advertising and research efforts.

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Learn More Sarah Harrison Close Sarah Harrison Admissions Manager Sarah has worked in the education field with students of various ages and backgrounds for over 20 years. It also serves as a practical application for math and science lessons. Oakland resident Mindy Myers also uses educational theories when developing lessons for her youth-cooking program, Cooking Round the World.

A former school principal with a Ph. Cooking Round the World students perform most of the tasks themselves, from peeling vegetables to operating equipment. Older kids, meanwhile, are granted more access throughout the kitchen. Ultimately, Myers believes the experience helps her students learn independence.

I have had a blind and deaf child. Cooking crosses lines, and I like that. Perhaps the most valuable skill cooking can impart to children, however, is nutritional literacy. The Lafayette native—a former professional baker—knows firsthand the dire consequences a poor diet can wreak: Her own unhealthy eating habits over time led to food intolerances, illness, and surgery. So she changed her diet, eliminating sugar and flour, and revitalized her health.

Still, she was troubled by what she was witnessing in kids. So she started teaching cooking to East Bay youth, with an eye toward nutrition education. In addition to lessons on wholesome-food preparation, her curriculum includes gardening, as well as training kids to read food labels. The flavor is gone! As Rexroat points out, helping kids learn how to cook can actually have a profound effect on the entire family.

And then she wants you to put that in the oven for her, so you have to be there. Best-selling cookbook author and James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame inductee Mollie Katzen has created three recipe collections for kids. Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes and Salad People and More Real Recipes are designed specifically for preschool children ages 3 and up ; Honest Pretzels , meanwhile, is geared toward youth ages 8 and older.

Here, Katzen, who lives in Kensington, and a few other local experts offer up tips for parents who want to encourage their kids to have fun in the kitchen. Start with small tasks. They can set the table. Bring the setup down to their level.

A stove is the wrong height for small kids, and standing on stools can be dangerous. So, Katzen suggests putting all the ingredients on a low table and using electric cookware if possible. Get organized.

California Culinary School - CulinaryLab, Orange County, CA

Pre-portion and, in some cases, precook ingredients ahead of time, so children are able to work with them. Timing is everything. Making a cooking project about the experience, rather than the end result, takes the pressure off. Follow their lead. Kids love dough. Shaping dough—when making bread, pizza, or pretzels, for example—is fun for kids, Katzen notes. Let them experiment.

When teacher Grady Carson makes dinner, he lets his year-old son, Dashiell, prepare his own version of the meal simultaneously.

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