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How do you create unforgettable customer experiences?

Take pictures of completed flooring jobs to post alongside pictures of how rooms looked before each remodel. Create a portfolio booklet to use for engaging clients and helping them decide on types of floors. Talk with local building contractors to offer subcontracting services. Offer handouts of prices and phone numbers for giving estimates. Inquire about hardwood flooring jobs that are open for bids.

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Ask one or two clients already served to show completed jobs to contractors who might offer work opportunities. Join the Chamber of Commerce in your city.

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Take part in business groups and after-work-hour socials to engage new customers. Stay with smaller projects in the beginning, such as doing one room or one floor of a home. Expand to hardwood flooring jobs that are commercial as time goes on, since connecting with business groups will open opportunities such as flooring ballrooms or large spaces in hotels.

Don't rent a large space for storing wood flooring at first. Wait until a few contracts have been fulfilled, since growing the business may take many months. Don't allow overhead to absorb profits in the initial stages of the business. Avoid paying out a lot of rent in order to reinvest monies back into materials and labor costs. She holds a degree in psychology from East Tennessee State University, and has been a professional writer for 25 years.

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Share It. We are family owned and operated and specialize in hardwood flooring installation, repair, dustless floor sanding, staining, and refinishing services. Call us today at for a free estimate! It is now run by his three children, Ken, Walt, and Jerri, besides having other family employees.

With over 65 years of experience, we serve the Northeastern Ohio area including Cleveland and surrounding areas. With proper care, they can last for decades. Unfortunately, any wood floor surface wears out and gets dull over time; our professionals can transform your dismal, scratched floors back to the pristine condition they were in when they were newly installed.

Contact our experts today for a free quote! In business since , we are your one call for all of your hardwood flooring needs! Middlefield, OH