How To Acquire New Customers in 30 Days: The Secrets of Building Your Business

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To use it, you enter the URL for a page to which you want to redirect an ad, as well as the campaign medium, such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook, and whether it's cost per click, a banner, or an email. After assigning a name based on the campaign title, the tool creates a long URL you can shrink on a URL shortener such as bit.

Providing quality content for free is a fantastic way not only to draw people to your website but to demonstrate your domain expertise. Wainer says startups should aim for about 20 posts per month that appeal to a typical customer. More of his advice:. To get the next users and beyond, it's important to measure as much as possible, including your monthly churn--which is the percentage of users who unsubscribe or stop using your service--a number that shouldn't rise above 10 percent, with 2 percent being an acceptable number, Wainer says.

Other things to measure: cost of customer acquisition CAC , lifetime value of your customer LTV , and the relationship between the two. Wainer says DigitalOcean was able to expand the number of users fourfold by AB testing call-to-action buttons, pricing models, positioning, messaging, and design.

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The important thing is to track the funnel of how users interact with your website--when they sign up with an email address, enter payment information, convert, and activate. Wainer used his personal network to find a friend of a friend who could make an introduction to someone at TechCrunch , and then spent time selling the writer on an exclusive story that would announce a product launch. So just work your network, and don't be afraid to cold email the writers that write about your industry.

If you want your customers to become your salespeople, it's important to empower them with ready-made banner ads and materials that are easy to share on the Web and create referral links that generate more traffic for your website. DigitalOcean also offers to pay customers who successfully promote the platform with credits for reduced-price subscriptions instead of cash, a strategy Wainer says helps keep costs down. And maybe create a leaderboard for a little bit more of a competitive environment.

Engage with them, create conversations, create relationships, because those relationships build more awareness and spread via word of mouth your product or service.

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He also suggests answering highly visible questions on Quora that are relevant to your industry or your business and position your company as a thought leader. DigitalOcean has used MailChimp and Campaign Monitor for help with email campaigns, but Wainer says the most important thing here is to keep emails and subject lines as simple and short as possible. Focus on subject lines, add large calls to action at the bottom of every email to increase engagement. Include incentives such as a promo code.

The best time to send promotional emails? Midweek between the hours of 11 a. ET, when overall Web activity is at its peak.

30 60 90 Day Plan Team Leader

Goodwill works well, too. Wainer says DigitalOcean has had success automatically sending customers who drop the service an email from the CEO asking for their feedback along with a note telling them their account has been auto-credited. In fact, during one day period in which the company sent out 4, emails, 15 percent reactivated.

Clearly DigitalOcean is doing something right. DigitalOcean attracted its first 50 customers by demoing in front of a New York tech meetup.

Articulate’s 30-day social media challenge

And transform your business. Many new email marketers struggle with list growth. Where do you even start? How can you get people to willingly subscribe to your list? Reach out to everybody you know. Explain the benefits. And ask them to subscribe.

Send them a link to your hosted sign up form. Bonus: Not sure how to create a sign up form?

The Best Customer Acquisition Techniques You Need to Start Testing

This free course will walk you through it. Just clearly articulate your purpose and the benefits. Here is a copy template you can fill in:. Just remember: Tailor your communication to each platform. Depending on where a conversation is happening, people communicate very differently. When you text someone, you should be more casual than in an email.

If you have less than 10 subscribers, now is the time to act. Start reaching out to your connections today.

How to Launch a Profitable Business 30 Days (Or Less)

You could have 50 subscribers in less than a month. Or, even a week! Dare I say it? Perhaps you could even get 50 subscribers today. Get a day free trial of AWeber and build one today. Already an AWeber customer?

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Here are step-by-step instructions for launching your form. I read this and thought, what a good idea! But I emailed my existing list and asked them to forward my email onto people they thought might love my books.