Il cammino delle foglie di tè (Italian Edition)

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What a beautiful blog! What a good teacher you are! I am loving these newly discovered lessons. Thank you so very much. Lorita Winfield Grazie Lorita e benvenuta!

Much more than documents.

Ciao, Your blog popped up when I was looking for passato prossimo o imperfetto. I love it! Thank you very much and as previously mentioned the translation is extremely helpful for people like me learning your beautiful language in Londra! I will try to translate from the English which will improve my written Italian — spero! Bahia Grazie Bahia e buona fortuna! First, the good.

The variety of topics and the creativity not only keeps it interesting, but affords me the ability to learn more than the language. Second, the not so good. I do use this to learn the language. I look at the syntax, the ordering of the words, where prepositions are used after infinitives, what seem to be idioms. So I find that not always is the translation true to what the Italian seems to be.

For instance, in section 1: The Italian: Una mattina apriamo gli scuri e scopriamo The English: One morning we open the shutters to discover. Now I know the difference. But for a beginner, this small thing might be enough to throw them off. Firstly, the Transparent Italian Language blog is definitely not for beginners.

Another of our strengths is that we focus strongly on colloquial, rather than dictionary Italian. Once again, there is a serious deficit of sites, and to that matter language classes that deal with the real, everyday language spoken by Italians in Italy. This leads me on to my second point: I fully appreciate that people need a clear understanding of how Italian grammar and syntax works, but in our many years experience as language teachers we have observed that an over attachment to literal translations becomes an obstacle in progressing beyond the initial stages of language acquisition.

A vital step in becoming a fluent speaker of Italian is leaving the literal very often ugly and nonsensical translations behind and literally thinking directly in Italian. Learners need to accept the inherent meaning behind words or phrases, just as they do in their mother tongue, rather than insisting on finding an exact equivalent. As for syntax, well Italian is far more flexible in this respect, and their are numerous ways in which to order words in phrases. Some sound okay when translated more or less literally into English, many sound ridiculous, becoming what we call Italianese.

I do appreciate that some learners find it harder to let go of literalism than others. Personally, I mostly learnt Italian from my friends, family, and just everyday life. When I speak in English to English people I sometimes throw in Italian words than express what I want to convey without even thinking about it. Obviously, I have the privilege of living here, and I use Italian every day for just about everything although Serena and I mostly communicate in a mixture of English and Italian!

I hope that helps to explain why we avoid literal translations in or articles, although in all fairness, we have written an awful lot over the last 6 years about grammar and structure in quite some depth, so if anyone ever needs extra help we are always here to listen and point them in the right direction.

I meant, on the second example, to further underline my point. So I had to check that one. Paolo Ceglia Grazie Paolo! Silence the auto-correct in your multilingual mind: hubs. Make every day count towards your language goals: hubs. Why the anti-mistake culture is harming your language learning: hubs. Italian Language Blog. Never miss a post!

Tiziano Fratus: a Poet mixing Visions of Nature & Humanity

Sign up to receive new posts by email. Thank you! Please check your inbox for your confirmation email. You must click the link in the email to verify your request. Share this: Share. Comments: Reply. Linda Caston: bellissimo. Elaine: Bella descrizione e molte parole nuove da imparare!

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Gary Donovan: Thanks a thousand times! Absolutely stunning. Ann Finlay : Grazie di avermi trasferito, come per incanto, nei vostri boschi autunnali. Chippy : Per me, molte parole nuove! Julie: Una bella storia. Joseph T.

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Madawela: beautiful. Its unique and unmistakable design inspired the imagination of artists, who responded with elegant, exclusive and sporty interpretations. It maintained its identity, while remaining youthful over 60 years of history and lifestyles, fashion and society. A successful car, but also a cultural phenomenon in the center stage for 60 years, never going out of fashion.

With the launch of the new generation in , the Fiat appeared in a variety of original and cool interpretations, both hatchback and convertible, with an array of extraordinarily and successful special editions e. Success is reasserted by numbers: the Fiat is the best-seller in Europe, ranking first in eight countries and among the first three in six others. The version won over 2,, motorists in just 10 years and has reaped accolade after accolade since its debut, including the Car of the Year and the Compasso d'oro design award. The project began with a series of events, including theatre production, dramaturgy and creative writing workshops.

The following step was to create a permanent museum within the Historical Archives, characterized by a multimedia exhibit. The main purpose of the project was not to simply open to the wider public the doors of the Historical Archives , but to show and tell how important are the information included in it.

Through the banking documents, which are very precise and detailed, it is possible to discover how was the daily life of people living in the southern Italian peninsula in the XVI century: payment for goods or services, penalties paid for crimes committed, but also commission and contracts for artworks. The stories created from the banking documents are adapted to the target audiences, through the use of different languages Italian and English and as many different instrument and expressive modalities as possible, in order to attract the greater number of visitors.

The aim of the project is always to involve and introduce people to wide world of the Archives. For almost years, between the end of the 19th century and the early nineties, the OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni of Turin have represented an excellency in the field of locomotive, railcar and railway carriage maintenance.

In the mids, following a sadly common destiny, the factory quickly emptied itself of workers and machinery and in the following fifteen years the trains had been replaced by vines and weeds. After a thousand days of work in the name of environmental sustainability, versatility of spaces, accessibility for all, technological innovation - while respecting the history and memory of the structure-and urban regeneration - which included the creation anew of two public squares, on 30th September , the "Big Bang" of the new OGR took place. From former Railway Workshops to Workshops for Ideas, Creativity and Innovation with a strong international vocation, the OGR were reborn thanks to Fondazione CRT which, in line with its mission as a non-profit organization committed to creating value for the territory and the community, has allocated over million euros to the redevelopment of the area: the Foundation's largest direct investment in a single project, as well as one of the greatest examples of venture philanthropy in Europe today, according to a 2.

In continuity with their past, the new OGR are a laboratory in which labor and creativity are mixed and three souls are integrated: promotion of beauty, culture and knowledge; the development of innovation, research and high-tech entrepreneurship; food and wine excellence. In the first 9 months of their life - which began with a two-week free party - more than , visitors crossed the threshold of the OGR, charmed not only by the original, rigorously preserved architecture of the building the hardware , but also by a rich web of new artistic interventions the software.

In these first months, site-specific works by William Kentridge, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Arturo Herrera, Liam Gillick were created and exhibited; a new exhibition project brought together the main museums in Turin for the first time under the same roof. Personal exhibitions by artists from all over the world, such as Tino Sehgal, Susan Hiller, Rokni Haerizadeh, have come to light; heterogeneous protagonists of the international music scene - from The Chemical Brothers to Kraftwerk, from Kamasi Washington to New Order, from John Cale to Michael Nyman - have followed one another while new and important partnerships have arisen with festivals and cultural places from all over Europe, from Manchester International Festival to Wiener Festwochen.

All these protagonists, so different from each other, have changed the factory into a cultural institution, completely transforming it while remaining faithful to the ideal qualities of a workshop: industriousness, dynamism, taste for experimentation. The path marked so far will continue throughout and , extending and going beyond the traditional boundaries of the territory, crossing the Alps, the English Channel and the ocean to intensify the dialogue with those institutions and cultural events that the renewed OGR look at and are inspired by.

Naturally, without ever forgetting their roots, which remain firmly anchored to the urban fabric and to the realities that animate and enrich them.

Download PDF L’Utopia nel Settecento tedesco (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)

The osmotic exchange of virtuous relations with public museums and private galleries, artistic residences and art galleries, networks of operators and regular appointments - fairs, salons, festivals - clubs and theatres - is in fact essential. From day one, the General Management and the Artistic Management have worked to attest to the fundamental role that visual and performing arts play in the development of cultural life in Turin. The aim is to create not so much a program schedule or a container of events, but an ecosystem for the development and growth of the cultural, social and economic capital of the territory; an aggregator of international projects aimed at different audiences for educational background, social extraction and personal interests.

A place in the city and for the city, where unique content and sometimes conflicting disciplines can find a place of production and "contamination"; a living and hybrid habitat in which a visitor who happens to be there twice in a week has the impression of entering a different place each time. Fondazione TIM ha sempre dato un contributo importante al recupero del patrimonio urbanistico e storico del nostro Paese.

It is also responsible for the organization of a large number of international exhibitions in collaboration with museums and art centers around the world. Works by the most representative contemporary artists have been shown in the main exhibition hall in Madrid, including Picasso, Sorolla and Giacometti, as well as the essential avant-garde movements such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism or Cubism.

This new exhibition space in Madrid has exhibited retrospectives of the great masters and established figures of twentieth century photography. It is one of the largest collections of this artist ever exhibited in Madrid.

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  8. The catalogs of the exhibitions, translated into several languages, are the hallmark of the Foundation and have received many awards for their editorial quality. Finally, lectures on exhibitions are organized with the participation of leading international specialists. La mostra, organizzata e finanziata completamente dal Gruppo e che rimane aperta dal 15 settembre al 4 novembre , si snoda in un confronto serrato tra le opere e il fasto barocco del Palazzo Ducale di Sassuolo Modena.

    Sam Golden, his wife Adele, son Mark and daughter-in-law Barbara Golden founded a new company that would embody Sam's dedication to professional artists, work Sam described as simply "making tools for artists. Now with two locations, a ,square-foot facility in rural Columbus, N. GOLDEN continues to extend the boundaries of painting through producing quality, innovative products born of a constant dialogue with artists. GOLDEN takes pride in the fact that its Custom Lab is the only facility of its kind, dedicated to designing products to the specifications of individual artists.