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I had a choice: would I rather dive fully into life and soak up every beautiful minute with the people I love? Or would I choose outer appearance and the unattainable pursuit of perfection instead?

Live My Best Life

YOLO , you guys! What message would you send to the women in your life who you really care about?

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Would you want them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how valuable they are? That when you see them, you see the beauty that glows from within?

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Of course not, because that would be tragic. So, why would you deprive yourself of the same unfiltered joy?

Drink coffee.

Sometimes I give myself the same pep talk I would give my 6-year-old daughter Phoebe, or my sister, Molly. Your greatest value comes from within. Those sources of affirmation are like drinking from a cup that never truly quenches our thirst — they may make us feel better for a moment, but then the dissatisfaction kicks in, and we end up on the hamster wheel, chasing after something unattainable.

A few practices that help me live in the moment and feel more present: spending a few minutes meditating first thing in the morning I like the Headspace app , putting my phone away when I want to be in the moment, and logging a short journal entry when I get in bed at night. It helps me reflect on the day and be just a little more mindful.

101 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest

One final note — remember that most people are too busy dealing with their own struggles to be paying that much attention to what you look like, anyway. Why not redirect some of that self-conscious energy into building them up with an affirming word or an uplifting smile? Thank you. Here are 4 of the biggest fears you need to conquer. With a better understanding of them, you will be one step closer to letting them go and be able to live your very best life. People will often spend so long preparing and planning for something, they often end up missing out altogether.

18 Inspiring Quotes That’ll Motivate You To Live Your Greatest Life | Soul and Spirit

Alternatively, we may plan so much that we never feel its the right time. Who can ever really define what being ready even means?

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  7. Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect time, the perfect circumstances or the perfect levels of readiness. Perfect is a complete undefinable notion! Stop beating yourself up over not meeting the mark others set for you.

    Be it your parents, teachers, or society as a whole; know that you are already exactly who you are supposed to be. Create your own standards and forget the rest.

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    The majority of people living in fear of having their heart broken have usually already had it broken once or twice. This would explain why first love is often the most intense; people in the throes of first love will often go into a relationship with a more open and trusting heart. However, unless you intend to live as lonely as an island for your entire life, the truth is that you will have your heart broken. So how do you move past the fear of heartbreak, to still appreciate and enjoy the experiences of love as fully?

    The only real solution is to think of it like this; yes, putting your heart on the line can be terrifying and there is always going to be the risk of having your heart broken. But like heartbreak, it happens, and there is no guarantee against it. It is near-impossible to rid yourself of all fears.