The Elemental Rise of the Shade

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In Denmark, where the series' original production companies are located, Ninjago premiered on Nickelodeon. The show is mainly set in the realm of Ninjago, a place loosely inspired by East Asian myths and culture. While featuring several historically designed buildings and traditional clothing, Ninjago is in a modern setting, incorporating large metropolises with skyscrapers, current-age and futuristic vehicles, modern electronics, semi-robotic exo-suits, and other futuristic technology.

Long before the events of the series, the First Spinjitzu Master used the power of the Golden Weapons to create the realm of Ninjago. Trained in the legendary art of Spinjitzu by the wise Master Wu, a group of heroic ninja Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, and eventually Lloyd and Nya fight to defend their land against the various foes who wish to conquer it. Before he passed, his sons swore to protect the weapons from evil, but the older brother Garmadon was taken over by darkness bitten by the Great Devourer and aimed to wield all four weapons so he could recreate Ninjago in his own image.

In the ensuing battle between brothers, the younger brother Wu cast Garmadon down to the Underworld, hiding the weapons across the land and placing a guardian at each hiding spot.

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In anticipation of Garmadon's return, Wu seeks out four talented young Ninja; Cole, Jay, Zane, and Kai, whose sister Nya was kidnapped by Underworld's Skeleton Army under Garmadon's orders, to learn the ways of the Ninja, master the art of Spinjitzu, and find the Golden Weapons before Garmadon and the Skulkin can claim them for their maniacal machinations. Since Lord Garmadon's disappearance, peace has returned to Ninjago.

Rather than prepare for his return, the Ninja have become lazy, playing video games and eating junk food instead of continuing their training. With their guards down, they find themselves thrown back into action when Garmadon's son Lloyd releases the five warring tribes of Serpentine, a race of snake-people who once ruled over Ninjago before being sealed away in underground tombs. Now led by the treacherous Pythor P. Chumsworth, last of the fearsome Anacondrai, the vengeful snakes seek to find the four Silver Fangblades to awaken the Great Devourer, an unkillable giant serpent that grows the more it consumes.

To stop them, the Ninja make new allies, some former foes, as they try to overcome emotional barriers and unlock their True Potential, all while trying to learn the identity of the legendary Green Ninja destined to defeat the "Dark Lord".

At the Golden Peaks, birthplace of the weapons, he forges them into the Mega Weapon. Able to create anything he pleases, Garmadon aims to interrupt Lloyd's training and prevent him from achieving his destiny as the Green Ninja.


To ensure Lloyd is ready to face his father, the Ninja combat Garmadon's creations at every turn. But both sides are unaware of an evil dwelling on the fabled Island of Darkness pulling the strings for thousands of years to conquer all. The fate of Ninjago hangs in the balance as the "Final Battle" between good and evil looms closer.

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Ninjago City was left in ruin til genius inventor Cyrus Borg led the reconstruction process bringing about New Ninjago City, a hub of futuristic technological advancements. In this hi-tech age of peace, the Ninja have retired to teaching at Wu's Academy. During a field trip to Borg Tower, center of all this innovation, they discover that the Overlord has survived his fight with the Golden Ninja in the form of a virus, infecting Borg's systems. To escape the Digiverse, he plots to steal Lloyd's Golden Power and become a prophesized evil known as the Golden Master.

Leaving Lloyd under the protection of a now pacifistic Sensei Garmadon, the Ninja must find the hard-drive containing the Digital Overlord and reboot the system with Borg's tech-hacking Techno Blades, to keep their friend safe and put an end to the Overlord's evil once and for all.

To defeat the Golden Master, Zane was forced to absorb power from the Golden Armor, sacrificing his life and leaving the Ninja team fractured in the process. But when notorious crime boss and noodle house owner Master Chen invites them to his Tournament of Elements; a competition between other Elemental Masters like them, with the promise of seeing Zane again, the Ninja, accompanied by Sensei Garmadon, find themselves traveling to Chen's Island and quickly making enemies. However, when they discover that Chen and his cult of Anacondrai worshippers use the Staff of Elements to strip those who lose of their Elemental Powers for a spell that could restart a war from Ninjago's past, they attempt to form an alliance with the Elemental Masters.

But to free the generals, Garmadon had to take their place amongst the cursed. As a distraught Lloyd mourns the loss of his father, he is called to a solo mission where he is possessed by the jealousy ghost of Wu's first student Morro, the Master of Wind, who escaped the Cursed Realm when Garmadon opened the portal.

The Elemental Rise of the Shade

Now, the powerless Ninja face their friend as Morro aims to find the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and use the Realm Crystal, gateway to the Sixteen Realms parallel to Ninjago, including a realm called "Chima" , to allow his master to curse all that exists. To stop him, the Ninja ally with mercenary and shady businessman Ronin, mastering the lost art of Airjitzu and following three clues to the tomb's location engraved on Wu's staff.

But the true key to victory lies with Nya, who learns she is the current Master of Water, which happens to be a ghost's greatest weakness and Nya finds her true potential. Their victory over the Preeminent has brought the Ninja overwhelming fame. While they struggle to continue to defend Ninjago while warding off obsessed fans, Jay tangles with seeing a future with Nya in the First Spinjitzu Master's Tomb.

Things go further downhill for the heroes when the ghost of Chen's right hand man Clouse who survived the destruction of the Cursed Realm releases Nadakhan the Djinn, the captain of the Misfortune's Keep and Sky Pirates. Framing the Ninja and reuniting with his crew, Nadakhan learns that the destruction of the Cursed Realm has caused the collapse of its Sister Realm and his former home and kingdom of Djinjago. With their fans turned against them and their team dwindling in numbers as the Djinn turns their wishes against them to trap them in his Sword of Souls, the Ninja find themselves in a battle across Ninjago to stop a vengeful Nadakhan from rebuilding his Realm with chunks of theirs.

But when he sets his eyes on marrying Nya, a lovestruck Jay must find the right wish to save his love, home, and friends. On the Day of the Departed, the people of Ninjago light lanterns to remember those they've lost. While his friends celebrate, Cole, whose ghostly state has deteriorated to the point of him randomly fading in and out of existence, intends to exact revenge on Master Yang for turning him into a ghost during the Ninja's attempt to learn Airjitzu.

Commandeering the Yin Blade, a dark magic weapon Yang once used in an attempt to gain immortality, Cole enters the Temple of Airjitzu and prepares to "close the circle" by defeating the Airjitzu Master. But when his gambit for revenge leads to the accidental revival of some of the Ninja's greatest enemies, the heroes find themselves facing their vengeful foes once again as they attempt to take the Ninja's place amongst the living using magic Departed Blades. Meanwhile, Cole faces Yang and his students alone as, thanks to his actions, the Airjitzu Master has reclaimed the Yin Blade and plots to take advantage of a special Yin Yang Eclipse to cut the Rift of Return which will allow him to return to the living world.


Following the events on the Day of the Departed, both Cole and the Temple of Airjitzu have been restored. As the Ninja setup base in the temple, they find themselves stuck cleaning up the damage at the Ninjago Museum of History. Meanwhile, at the ruins of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Wu awaits the return of Acronix, the younger of the "Time Twins", to finish the battle they started 40 years ago. But without the rest of the team by his side, Wu is overwhelmed by Acronix who uses a move known as the "Time Punch" to accelerate Wu's aging one day per hour.

Now Acronix has reunited with Krux, the older twin, who has remained hidden in Ninjago disguised as Museum Curator Dr. The Ninja must now battle the Hands of Time and their army of Vermillion, the children of the Great Devourer, as they begin kidnapping Ninjago's best builders and stealing metal all over the city.

But as they near closer to uncovering the villains' ultimate goal, the battle becomes personal for Kai and Nya who discover their parents may be involved with the Hands of Time. One year after Wu and the Hands of Time were lost in time aboard the Iron Doom, the Ninja have scattered across Ninjago, tackling missions while searching for their master's whereabouts. In their absence, Ninjago City has been overrun by a cult-like crime syndicate known as the Sons of Garmadon who worship the evil Lord Garmadon.

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With Lloyd acting as their master, the Ninja team reunites to heed a request from the usually private Royal Family, who ask the heroes to protect the three Oni Masks The Oni Mask of Deception, the Oni Mask of Vengeance, and the Oni Mask of Hatred , relics from the First Realm which when united would allow the Sons of Garmadon to resurrect a purely evil Garmadon, with most of his soul gone, as well as their adopted daughter, the Jade Princess Harumi. In order to stop the Sons of Garmadon from desecrating his father's sacrifice, Lloyd and the Ninja attempt to find the identity of their leader, the Quiet One, before they can determine the location of the elusive Oni Mask of Hatred, while learning secrets about the origins of Ninjago itself.

In the process, Lloyd begins to bond with Harumi who has also lost her parents. But as they grow closer, the Ninja make the startling discovery that someone in their makeshift family is the Quiet One. With Emperor Garmadon in ruling Ninjago City with an iron fist and the original four Ninja as well as baby Wu are in Realm of Oni and Dragons after the Colossus destroyed the Destiny's Bounty, any ally of the Ninja and citizen is hunted and imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison. Lloyd, Nya, and the rest of their remaining allies, including a portion of the Elemental Masters, form a resistance to endure and fight back against Harumi, the Sons of Garmadon, and Lord Garmadon himself.

Here, the barbaric Dragon Hunters, led by the power hungry Iron Baron, capture Dragons and exploit their Elemental Powers to sustain their society.

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As Dragons are the only beings who can ferry between Realms, the Ninja and a teenage Wu must find the mythical Dragon Armor once worn by the First Spinjitzu Master himself, in order to convince Firstbourne, the mother of all Dragons, to allow them to ride her children out of the Realm so they can rejoin the fight against Lord Garmadon, and save Ninjago. When Ninjago city rebuilds from Lord Garmadon's destructive power, he calls out to Lloyd to tell him what will happen in the future. Lloyd feels like he cannot trust his father's intentions of helping him. Since the destructive power that escaped through the realm crystal is too powerful for our heroes, one enemy must choose a side.

Will he fight against the Oni or tear the fabled world and legacy of Ninjago apart forever? Six months after they defeated the Oni, the Ninja have become relaxed, lazy, and out of shape. In order to keep their skills and powers intact, they search for activity or a threat to face. Strangely enough, Ninjago has been in a state of lasting peace. As well as a mysterious castle guarded by Boreal and home to the Ice Emperor and his Blizzard Samurai.

While Zane remains unsure about these frightening visions, the Ninja find their quest when Professor Clutch Powers discovers a mysterious Ancient Pyramid which supposedly only a Ninja could survive exploring. Unbeknownst to them, the next threat to Ninjago is right around the corner.