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Debe proporcionar pruebas tangibles de que dispone de los fondos necesarios. A los trabajadores los incentiva la posibilidad de una recompensa palpable por sus esfuerzos.

Dictionary Examples. His paintings are so realistic that the objects in them appear to be tangible.

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If police have no tangible evidence against us, they'll have to release us. The high level of unemployment is a concrete example of the precarious state of our economy.

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Word Roots. Las personas con afasia de Wernicke a menudo no son conscientes de sus errores al hablar. Aunque pueden entender lo que se les dice y saber lo que ellos quieren decir, muchas veces hablan con frases cortas, y eso lo logran con un gran esfuerzo. Otro tipo de afasia no fluente es la afasia global. Es posible que ni siquiera puedan decir unas pocas palabras o repitan las mismas palabras o frases una y otra vez.

La idea de libertad según John Stuart Mill

Pueden tener problemas incluso para entender palabras y oraciones sencillas. Existen otros tipos de la afasia.

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Running out of ammunition, he barely made his way to shelter. But this time it was one of our new men, who had lost his way. If you are asking whether I am a member of the Partido Socialista Popular, the answer is no. I see no reason to exclude a country that respects us and hopes for the victory of our ideals.

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When Professor Elias Entralgo from the University of Havana once invited Che to speak to his students and added that a payment of a specific sum would accompany the address, Che answered him in a polite but extremely curt letter:. I find it inadmissible that a Party or government figure be offered a monetary remuneration for any kind of work.

As far as I personally am concerned, the most treasured of all payments which I have received is the right to belong to the Cuban people, a right which has no equivalent in pesos or centavos.

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