Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre (German Edition)

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What's more, he actively incorporated his new-found scientific knowledge in his literary works. I felt that, if I could focus on the relationship between Goethe and the leading-edge scientific knowledge of his day, I would find a new theme. While enrolled in the graduate school at Keio, I went for a period of study at the University of Cologne in Germany.

Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre, ein Novellenkranz; (Book, ) [esanspelinbe.gq]

There, I started researching the relationship between Goethe and modern natural sciences in earnest. In the era when Goethe was alive, between the 18th and 19th centuries, astronomy split off from traditional astrology to join the ranks of modern sciences that depended on telescopes and mathematics.

In conventional studies on Goethe, she has only been interpreted in terms of mystical aspects, without any consideration of the prevailing scientific background. In contrast to this, I wanted to analyze her character not from the perspective of astrology but from that of modern astronomy.


Makarie und das Weltall Makarie and the Universe , a reworking of my degree thesis submitted to the University of Cologne, was my first publication in German. There was even a rumor that "A postgrad from Japan is foraging day and night for information on Goethe and science". But my approach was different; rather than cross-cultural research, I wanted to pursue research on the same footing as German graduate students. I was really happy to be praised in this way.

My supervisor Professor Irmscher advised me that the next thesis after my PhD would be the important one. In , I published an academic volume in German under the title Goethes Buch der Natur Goethe's Book of Nature , dealing with six fields on Goethe and natural sciences not included in my PhD thesis — geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. This gave me the confidence to continue my research on the theme of Goethe and modern natural sciences. I was based at the University of Jena, where Goethe served as dean.

But now I have further expanded and amplified this chapter, and in spring this year I finished my third academic work in German.

This was published in Germany in August When Goethe was born, the natural sciences had not yet branched off into specialized disciplines, so that even laymen like Goethe could engage themselves in science. In an age without television or radio, literature acted as a medium for propagating scientific information. It was a kind of honeymoon period for literature and science.

This was also an era in which links between science and women came into focus. Although they were few, female astronomers were active; the most notable being Caroline Herschel. Her older brother William famously discovered the planet Uranus, but she herself discovered several comets. This is a charming introduction to science in which an astronomer explains the latest astronomical wisdom to a highly intelligent noblewoman over six successive evenings, while strolling in a French garden and gazing up at the night sky.

English Translation: Of all the thieving riff-raff, fools are the worst. They steal both your time and your good mood. English Translation: There is no patriotic art and no patriotic science.

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Both belong, like all high good, to the whole world English Translation: Everything we encounter leaves traces behind. Everything contributes imperceptibly to our education. Between today and tomorrow lies a long time. Learn quickly to take care of things while you're still fit. Share Flipboard Email.

Hyde Flippo taught the German language for 28 years at high school and college levels and published several books on the German language and culture. Updated December 26, English Translation: There's nothing worse than ignorance in action. Internet URLs are the best.

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